Chapter Scholarships

Membership dues, generous donations, and fundraisers, like our annual golf tournament, through the year, allow the chapter to make donations to our scholarships every year. The National Alumni Association has committed to a Tag Match of the donations received from the Chattanooga Chapter. Income from University of Alabama branded license plates is used to provide a percentage match of donations from the chapter. If you don’t already have a University of Alabama tag, remember that every tag purchased adds to the amount that the National Alumni Association receives and uses to match our donations.

The Chattanooga Chapter currently has 4 endowed scholarships with the University of Alabama Alumni Scholarship Fund. The money that we raise each year will be added to the existing scholarships and/or used to endow an additional scholarship. Each year, these scholarships provide money to local area students that are attending The University of Alabama.

Our Scholarship Committee

Lara McIntosh – Chair

Wendy Reno – Member

Mona Allday – Member

You can contact our Scholarship Committee through our Contact Page or send an email to Scholarships.

Click here to donate.

Scholarship Donations

Donations using this link above go directly through the National Alumni Association rather than through the Chattanooga Chapter but are still eligible for matching funds. If you want your donation to go to a specific scholarship fund, this is your best option.

If you prefer to donate through the Chattanooga Chapter, you have 2 options. Be sure and read the “IMPORTANT” notice below before making your donation through the club.

  • Mail a check to the address below. Be sure and include a note indicating the scholarship to which you are donating.

Chattanooga Chapter, University of Alabama Alumni Association
P.O. Box 21614
Chattanooga, TN 37424

  • Use the form below to donate using your PayPal account. Getting your contact info from the form will help us match your PayPal donation with your information. When you Submit the form, you will be taken to the PayPal Giving Fund page for Alabama Alumni and Friends. Any donations given in this way will go to the Chattanooga Chapter Endowed Scholarship. Using the PayPal Giving Fund site means that every penny of your donation will come to the club as PayPal waives all fees on donations through the Giving Fund site.

IMPORTANT!! – There is a detail about donating through the chapter that the National Alumni Association made known to us through an email to our treasurer and we want to make anyone interested in donating aware of this as well.

If you choose to donate to our Chapter for us to apply to one of our scholarships, The National Alumni Association views that as a donation from the Chapter, not the individual. We record it as a donation from the individual but they do not. If you want your donation to be recognized by The National Alumni Association as coming from you, you need to use the steps listed on the Scholarship Donations page to donate directly through the NAA.

Information on applying for these and other National Alumni Association scholarships can be found on their site. Other resource links can be found on our Resources page.