Million Dollar Band Visits

Every other year, the Million Dollar Band comes through Chattanooga on their way to Knoxville for the Tennessee game. We’ve hosted them at various locations here in Chattanooga, most recently at Findley Stadium on the UTC campus. Admission is free and the last time, I think that we had over 2000 people show up to see them perform.

It is impressive to see the number of busses and 18 wheelers it takes to move the Million Dollar Band!!

They arrive, unload and immediately head onto the field to practice. When they have ironed out the last details, they perform the full halftime show for those attending.

After they finish the halftime show, they put down their instruments, gathered at the center of the field and sang the Alma Mater!

After they were all done, we feed them lunch before they loaded back up and headed on to Knoxville.

Of course the performance is incredible but the thing that I will remember from my first time volunteering at this event is how incredibly nice they all were and the appreciation shown by every single band member I talked to. They would go out of their way to find someone from the chapter to thank us for hosting them!!

It was an incredible experience!!

Go to our Volunteer sign-up page to let us know if you’d like to be a part of the next visit!!