Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, so these aren’t really frequently asked questions (FAQ), yet. They are my guess as to what questions might come up until we start getting questions from the Contact Us page and then those will be added.

  • I didn’t attend The University of Alabama; can I still join?
    • Absolutely! We refer to ourselves as the Chattanooga Chapter, Alabama Alumni & Friends. All Alabama fans are welcome.
  • Do I have to register / have an account to view all the content on the website?
    • No. At this time, all the content is available to anyone that visits.
  • Do you charge to be a member and to attend events?
    • Yes and No. We do have annual membership dues but we have tried to keep those low. Most of our events such as Watch Parties, Happy Hours, Million Dollar Band visits are available free for everyone. Our Spring Dinners are ticketed events. We hope that if you enjoy our events that you will consider joining the chapter and getting involved.
  • How are you associated with The University of Alabama?
    • We are more closely associated with the National Alumni Association which is a self-governing, non-profit membership organization serving The University of Alabama. We are a non-profit membership organization, affiliated with the National Alumni Association. Just as the National Alumni Association doesn’t not receive any funding from the University, we do not receive any funding from the National Alumni Association. Our funding is through membership dues, donations and events. However, all the money earned from events such as our annual golf tournament goes toward scholarships endowed by the chapter.