In Memory of Calvin Brown

Letters below remembering Calvin Brown from Keith Miller, President, National Alumni Association and Bob Pearce, Vice President for Advancement.

This is the toughest email that I have ever written. It is with a heavy heart that I let you know that our beloved Director of Alumni Affairs, Calvin Brown, has passed away. He was such a friend to all of us, and he loved The University of Alabama. As you all know, Calvin had struggled with health issues for several months, but this is still such a shock. We send our deepest condolences to his family. Arrangements have not yet been made, but we wanted you to know. Our hearts are completely broken. We will update everyone at the appropriate time. Below is an email sent by Bob Pierce, Vice President for Advancement, to the Division of Advancement a few moments ago. 

B. Keith Miller DMD


The University of Alabama

National Alumni Association

It is with a heavy heart that I share the unfortunate news of Calvin Brown’s passing.  He died at UAB Hospital last night following a sepsis infection.  As most of you are aware, Calvin had been dealing with some form of medical issue since February.  His brief return to the office this summer gave us all hope he was on the right track to a full recovery; however, when he returned to the hospital last month, he declined to the point of not being able to fight off the infection despite the best efforts of the medical team at UAB.

You already know Calvin Brown was our Associate Vice President/Director of Alumni Affairs for a decade and that he had a true passion for life as well as for The University of Alabama.  He was a wonderful colleague and will be sorely missed.  Arrangements for his service have not yet been finalized, but I will pass along that information as soon as I receive it.  We are of course keeping Calvin’s family in our prayers during this difficult time.  The family has shared that memorial gifts will be directed to the Calvin J. Brown Endowed Scholarship Fund in the UA National Alumni Association.

Allison Leitner will continue in her role as Acting AVP/Director of Alumni Affairs until the position can be filled on a more permanent basis.  I have been in touch with National Alumni Association President Keith Miller to discuss the long-term leadership of the Office of Alumni Affairs and NAA; however, we will of course first focus on honoring and memorializing Calvin before addressing the future leadership of the Office of Alumni Affairs in the days ahead.

In honor and memory of Calvin Brown, “Roll Tide!”


Robert D. Pierce II

Vice President for Advancement

Division of Advancement

The University of Alabama