In Memory of Betty Johnson


Our Chattanooga Chapter of the University of Alabama Alumni Association, as we know it today, stands on the shoulders of dozens of individuals who love all things Bama and who poured their time and resources into ensuring that our University of Alabama had – and still has – a strong presence in Chattanooga. Many of those early, fervent supporters have now passed on from this earthly scene (and surely gather each Saturday during the Fall months for a celestial tailgate party).  I have been privileged to have known many of them and I not only heard them talk about their passions for our university, but I saw them make repeated investments of time, talent and money to make our chapter strong.

Among those that I met decades ago were Joe and Betty Johnson.  They were wonderful folks, and I treasured the time I was able to spend in their presence.  Joe had been a college athlete and shared keen insights as to the inner workings of college football.  Joe passed away a few years ago after a long battle with dementia.  I can only imagine his take on our current NIL and Transfer Portal situation.  Betty also served our chapter in many capacities, all while maintaining her career, and ensuring the well being of a special needs son. 

Betty passed away in August 2023.  Joe and Betty were not only friends and fellow Alabama fans, but they were also clients.  That relationship provided me with insights into how they thought and processed information.  They were gracious and generous and caring people.

Just last week some of Betty’s former workmates reached out to our treasurer, Jack Danner, and wanted to donate to our chapter scholarship fund that bears Joe and Betty’s name.  It is our Chapter’s largest and longest standing endowed scholarship fund.  So many local students have been assisted by this scholarship.

Jack had a great thought ….. maybe some of the rest of us would like to donate in Betty’s memory.  Just know, if you choose to donate, 100% of the annual income from the endowed fund is given to local students attending the University of Alabama.      

It’s easy to give … go to our website where you will find a QR code for the Joe and Betty Johnson Endowed Scholarship Fund.  Your electronic donation goes right into the fund. The National Alumni Association sends out acknowledgements of donations on a quarterly basis.

Roll Tide !!!!!

Alan Johnston, President / Chattanooga Chapter – University of Alabama Alumni Assoc

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